COVID-19 weaponized: The time for resistance is at hand

America under attack

Whether or not the Wuhan Virus was deliberately launched by the Communist Chinese government is a matter of speculation.

Beyond any doubt, however, is the fact that liberal leftists right here in the United States are weaponizing COVID-19 against us.  

For months on end, the political left, with help from their friends in the mockingbird media, have been engaged in a relentless campaign of deception and fear mongering, insisting that “things will never be the same” thanks to COVID-19. 

Their motives are plain: To conquer and divide the citizenry, lulling Americans into accepting an increasing number of intrusions upon their rights and freedoms, all in furtherance of a globalist agenda. 

“Mandatory masks aren’t about safety, they’re about social control … Demanding freedoms helps ensure them. Much of our freedom is maintained by the collective resistance of the American mood.”

– Molly McCann, JD – Defense Counsel to Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn 




Operation Unmask America is an exercise in collective resistance that will send a crystal clear message to power-hungry leftists, especially those in positions of civil authority:

We are no longer willing to submit to social control initiatives that have little to do with public health and everything to do with the unbridled pursuit of political gain.

From this day forward…

Beginning on the Fourth of July, 2020, in cities and towns all across the United States, freedom loving, law abiding citizens will let it be known that they’ve had enough. 

Together, we will begin the process of reclaiming our American way of life, wresting control from the malevolent hands of the godless liberals who seek to destroy it. The freedoms we demand are eminently simple and entirely reasonable:


We insist that the decision to wear a facial covering in public, or not, must be treated as a matter of personal choice.


We refuse to relinquish our right to assemble in whatever number we happen to choose, be it for purposes of religion, recreation, or otherwise.


We deplore the efforts of liberal politicians to stoke the fires of racism. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Americans of every color in defense of our God-given rights and freedoms.