attention business owners

As the owner of a business – be it large, medium or small – you provide lifeblood to our communities; goods, services, jobs, revenues, etc. No one, however, depends upon your good efforts more than those in city, state and local government. We believe that their treatment of you over the past several months has been reprehensible.

While Operation Unmask America can understand why many business owners may be apprehensive about publicly rejecting local regulations for fear of being shut down, or openly welcoming customers who refuse to abide by mandatory masking orders, it is our hope that many of you will join in the effort – if not right away, in the very near future. In any event, there are several ways for you to participate:

  • If you are as disgusted as we are with COVID-19 social control initiatives disguised as healthcare, please consider making a bold statement by printing the Operation Unmask America logo below and placing it on the front door or window of your business. Rest assured, we will notice, making it a point to patronize your business while encouraging every other like-minded American in our sphere of influence to do the same. As an added bonus, godless liberals will feel compelled to avoid your establishment: A genuine win-win. 
  • If you support our cause but feel uneasy about displaying the Operation Unmask America logo in your place of business, please be sure to let your unmasked customers know (even if only in confidence) that you stand as one with us, such as you are able. We want to be certain to reward you and your business accordingly.
  • In both of the above scenarios, be certain to visit the GO ON RECORD page to add your name so that your voice will be heard by our public officials. If you are able, you might also consider making a small gift to Operation Unmask America by clicking HERE.