A Few Simple Ground Rules


Operation Unmask America is about resistance, NOT  unrest

  • We will simply ignore mandatory masking and distancing regulations.
  • We will decide where, when and whether to wear a face mask or not.
  • We will show respect to those who choose differently.
  • We will gather with others in whatever numbers we wish.
  • We will not be drawn into shouting matches with agitators.
  • We will do our best to ignore triggered liberals.   
  • Self-defense aside, we will avoid physical altercations.

We realize that small business owners and store employees are not the enemy

  • Small business owners have been especially hard hit by the leftist weaponization of COVID-19. Many of them will never recover. After so much hardship, we can understand their desire to avoid being shut down for lack of compliance with draconian masking and distancing regulations. We will not take it personally if and when we are asked to leave their places of business.  
  • Far from being our opponents, small business owners are a key to our success. (See the ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS page linked below for more detail.) As such, we will treat them with the utmost respect at all times, in the hope that they will join in the effort.
  • We pledge to go out of our way to support those businesses that support us.
  • We likewise recognize that store employees who are tasked with overseeing customer compliance with COVID-19 regulations, many of whom earn a very modest income, are simply doing their jobs to the best of their ability. If and when such a person confronts us for refusing to mask, we will not take it personally.    

Upon being asked to leave a place of business, we have several options

  • We can simply ignore the directive. In some cases, we will be left alone to go about our business / make our purchases.
  • If the owner / employee should persist, we may politely invite them to call local law enforcement. We the People have strength in numbers. Law enforcement officials – many of whom are sympathetic to our cause – simply cannot respond to hundreds (perhaps thousands) of calls about citizens who – at one and the same time – peacefully refuse to comply with ludicrous masking and social distancing regulations. 
  • In other circumstances, the most appropriate response may be to leave. If, however, we are treated with open hostility (a reasonably sure sign that we are dealing with a bona fide leftist; i.e., an avowed enemy of our American way of life), we will make it a point to NEVER do business with that merchant ever again.